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Product and Service

Portfolio Management Services

RIL, a fully fledged merchant bank, is the right type of financial intermediary you need to help you manage, preserve and grow your hard earned savings (investment).

RIL seeks to design for its clients a prudent, balanced, optimally diversified and easy to track portfolio which is expected to generate steady returns but entail least possible risk. RIL believes in efficiency, quality, modern technology based and customized service to its clients in a congenial and comfortable environment. Experienced, hardworking and dynamic executives at RIL will take best possible care of your investment. For unique, reliable and uninterrupted customer service, RIL has installed E-mail, SMS and internet modules which allow clients to handle their portfolio accounts online. Investors will have the benefit of receiving continuous updates on their portfolio position from RIL.

Issue Management and Underwriting

A very critical function of RIL as a merchant bank is issue management activities. As issue manager, RIL manages the Initial Public Offering (IPO), right offerings, repeat offerings of shares and debentures. It also helps an issuer to place shares with public/institutional investors prior to IPO. Issue management activity encompasses preparation of prospectus (in case of IPO and repeat offering) and right offer documents (in case of right offer), submission of those to Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission and obtaining its consent. RIL also provides logistic and other support in collection of application of money, scrutiny of application forms, arrangement of lottery in case of over subscription, distribution of allotment letters and refund warrants, where applicable.

Corporate Advisory Services

This function refers to a number of aspects such as advising companies, government/ state –owned enterprising on financial restructuring, amalgamation, mergers and acquisition and corporate governance. Sometimes, it also involves grooming a company for IPO.

Margin loan

RIL provides margin loans to its clients at pre-fixed ratio based on the equity of clients. The margin loan is to be utilized to build a sound and well diversified portfolio seeking to maximize returns and minimize risk keeping in view the overall market scenario. The rate of interest on margin loans and other charges/information are shown separately under “key information”. Investors trading on margin loans must have high degree of risk tolerance and patience.

Education/training Programs

In compliance of BSEC directives and RIL’s desire to maintain effective communication with clients, RIL organizes training programs/sessions for its clients.

IT, Research and Developments

RIL’S thrust is on advances in IT to facilitate modern and effective service. It has already installed E-mail, SMS facilities for its clients. The promoters of RIL have their own IT based company in the name of Royal Green Online Limited. As such, RIL is in a unique position to introduce the necessary IT needs at the quickest possible time.

RIL has two trading terminals which include dedicated terminals for corporate clients, high net worth individuals and female investors.

RIL brings out comprehensive and in-depth stock analysis reports on sectors/industries for the benefit of the investors.

Special NRB Cell

RIL has plans to establish a dedicated cell for Non-Resident Bangladeshis’ to provide expedient and intimate service in making investments in the stock market in Bangladesh.